The History of Nentir Vale

History Of Nentir Vale *
This book of Nentir Vale’s History can be yours in illuminated hard copy for 50 gp. The text has be religiously copied by monks who guarantee word for word accuracy. The drop caps are lovingly decorated with gold leaf. The font is written in beautiful flourishing calligraphy. Wood-cut illustrations depict each section’s chapter page with detailed goth and gore. The cover is leather bound and finished with a tasseled bookmark dyed in rare metallic silver paint. Not only is history included, but also genealogy of major claimants to the regions Nentir’s territories.

300BP Empire’s Fall (Before Present) *
Nentir Vale had up to since been province ruled by the Nentir Empire. Nentir brought roads and architecture to the region but was not able to assimilate and civilize many of Nentir’s inhabitants.

The Nerath Empire’s had long since peaked and its rule of Nentir Vale was starting to wane. Overextended legions suffered defeats at the hands of frontier raiders. Nerath Legions never had their casualties replaced and retreated ground abandoning boarder forts for walled towns.

250BP Religious Upheaval *

The Nerath empire had over extended itself, gaining too many enemies on too many fronts. Their boarders were battered by hoards of so-called savages. Nerath’s once just republic had become an empire ruled by dictators and oligarchs. The Empire of Nerath’s government lost legitimacy with the people it governed, corrupted by greed and power. Overextended armies weakened rule by the martial law and force, which was once backed by well-trained, well-equipped legions. The death of Nerull and the rise of the Raven Queen* brought religious upheaval to the empire’s pantheons. These were a few among many downward spiraling events with weakened the empire.

200BP Orc Invasions of Nentir Vale *
In areas like Nentir Vale, the downsizing Empire simply stopped paying troops and withrew its bureaucrats leaving the region in a Nentir in a state of anarchy. The retreating government arbitrarily named a legion captains new rulers. The Bloodspear Orcs led a army through Nentir Vale plundering and sacking cities leaving smoldering towns in an orgy of destruction, a twisted homage to Grummish. In other cities unpaid armies levied sudden taxes on the people they once swore to protect. Not even holy treasures and relics inside temple were safe from troop levies or looting.

180 BP Retreat of Orcish Warparties *
Orc barbarians know how to raid and plunder but they are not often interested in governing. The Bloodspear Orcs retreated their warparties after tribal infighting broke out. But they left cheiftains who tentatively claimed Nentir Vale as their territory for plunder culling the inhabitants whenever they acquired wealth. There was also a sizable colony of Orcs left in Necropolis of Hammerfast to live among Dwarves. Martial lords and religious leaders led bands of refugees into the area resettling ruined towns establishing Feudal and Theocratic ruler ship.

100 BP Second Dark Age *
Long has the Empire of Nerath fallen. It remains but a memory of former glory and most of the civilized world has fallen upon what isolated scholars call the “Second Dark Age”.

Geography/Present Day: *
Major commerce occurs along the Trade Road. The kings road is less traveled, trecherous and in poorer repair. Riverboats trade along the Nentir River with the remnants of the Nerath empire.

Nentir Vale’s civilized areas are sparsely populated, the largest towns being Fallcrest and Hammerfast. After the wake of the Bloodspear Invasions, people banded around the Martial rulers, whoever had the biggest and strongest army. Claims to power are based on hereditary and force. They’re also often backed by a ruler’s demonstration of piety to popular Gods and alliances with priests.

The retreat of the empire was warmly welcomed by good races who worshiped nature gods like Melora. The fall of the Nerath Empire hailed the retreat of civilization and rise of nature gods. Their portfolio of priests grew and worshipers of nature spirits sacred groves taken up greater residence in Harken forest (Bound in Melora’s Portfolio). Many forests and swamps disappeared during Nerath’s time in Nentir Vale upsetting earth and nature spirits, only to be appeased by Nerath Empire’s fall.

Nerath Empire is still remembered by elder Elves and Eladrin, the empire was seen as a creation of younger races. The Elves and Eladrin never liked the fast growing empire led by the impatient younger races. Eladrin miss the rank and status they enjoyed in the greater empire, but have retreated to more ancient havens of Elven Culture. The Eladrin view the fall of the empire as a failure to listen to their guidance. Wood Elves saw the empire as reckless example of unchecked growth among the younger races and disliked construction of artificial cities and growth of agriculture. (Wood Elves do not believe civilization and nature are opposites, they live in harmony with nature and build their homes in or among trees)

The History of Nentir Vale

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