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Campaign: The Kingmakers: Crown of Blood
Setting: Nentir Vale
Time: 257* The New Age(NA), Autumn

Synopses: The Kingmakers: Crown of Blood
There is an old Dwarf proverb. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Nentir Lords meet in their strongholds hashing out alliances and mutual protection pacts secretly behind closed doors to tame hostile countryside. Their educated and worldly minds long for a nation as great as the Nerathian ruins they build cities upon. Alliances are cemented through marrying their sons and daughters to would-be allies. The marriages are creating a new aristocratic bloodlines leading to strong alliance of cities. In closed negotiations it is whispered “Nentir is weak without a king. Let us put our swords together and swear allegiance to one who would give us all strength.”

Ah high politics.

Reception of Nentir Kingdom

“I warn you, my lord, if Nentir is indeed to have a King and Queen, their crown will be made with and paid with our blood.” Anonymous advice to the Lord Warden of Fallcrest.

Kingmakers: Crown Of Blood